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Hey! I'm the co-founder of Slides and creator of reveal.js – the open source HTML presentation framework that we're based on. Slides is a platform for creating, presenting and sharing web-based slide decks. Since our presentations run in the browser you can do things like embed iframes and modify the CSS/HTML source. We also have a great feature set for presenting, like the ability to remote control from a mobile device and present live to an audience of any size: Here's an example presentation with more info: Any feedback is appreciated!
@hakimel Looks awesome Hakim! Slides has come a long way!
@jeffsoo Thanks Jeff! Yeah, I'm really proud of what we've been able to add with limited resources over the past two years. Still have some great things on the roadmap too :)
@hakimel This looks fantastic! I guess my only complaint is the 2d slides aren't self-evident. But that's always been an issue I've had with reveal.js. And it's a hard problem to solve, because you need to balance between feature visibility and presentability. Maybe you could have an separate "presentation mode", where the controls are hidden, and a "reading mode", where the vertical slides are highlighted more. I think that would be great for discoverability and keep it usable when actually presenting. Great job!
This excellent service is based on Reveal.js - one of the most amazing javascript-based presentation apps. And now it's SAAS :) Use the power of Javascript and create stunning presentations :) I am using this product to present my ideas in big corporations and they are all impressed. Give it a try :)
I've been using this service for about 2 years now. Awesome tool and well worth the money if you do presentations more than once a month. Slides is by far the fastest, easiest presentation tool that exists.
love it , sharing it around the office
@saijo_george awesome :) show us later some examples of "secret" company decks. By the way what do you think about the SEO part of the output? Do they need some improvements?
@bogomep I will be using it for a future meetup will have more feedback then. :)
This is awesome! Love @hakimel's work