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Slidebean helps you to design professional presentations in seconds using the world's first slide design platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Pros: 

    Easy quick iterations in a hurry, assisted by technology!


    Slidebean's AI cute bot to become sentient and insert subliminal pro-ai agenda in our presentations? I kid. NO CONS.

    I use it now and again and would do so more if corporate overlords would let me. Actually corporate overlords have great reasons for choosing the tools we use but I love Slidebean and its ease of use. Recommended.

    Eduardo Chang has used this product for one year.
  • djjaron
    djjaronAlways be building!

    Single button push, let the magic happen! Outcomes have real value and take your decks to the next level!


    Tough to beat!

    Been a subscriber since 2014, amazing youtube content.

    djjaron has used this product for one week.
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CayaMaker@caya_jose_cayasso · CEO at Slidebean
Hi everyone! CEO of Slidebean, here. About 500,000 people already use our platform, 8MM+ slides created... but it's only until now that we are delivering on our original promise for the product. When we started the company in 2014 we set out to build , and it wasn't until a few months ago that we finally cracked it, using artificial intelligence. We've designed a genetic algorithm, so what's happening behind the curtain is every time you add content to a slide, we scan the content, scan the images themselves, and then design thousands of 'generations' of slides, in order to look for the perfect one (aligned text, large images, etc...). Within a second or less, we serve you that beautiful, evolved, survival of the fittest type of slide. All that tech jargon simply to say that on Slidebean all you need to do is add the content of your slides, and the platform, truly automatically, takes care of arranging that in slide format.
Ilyas Frenkel
Ilyas Frenkel@ilyasny · Wunder Capital, Squarespace, Tumblr
@caya_jose_cayasso Amazing job Slidebean team! A very cool example of AI serving people in real ways.
djjaron@jaronrayhinds · Always be building!
Been using this solution for multiple years to rapidly spin up pitch decks. Amazing integration of AI on an already top tier solution. Congrats on the launch!
Con Xoai
Con Xoai@con_xoai · I'm sportive and active
that's nice