A hoverboard by Lexus (no joke)

#4 Product of the MonthJune 2015

Like all Lexus design, the board's design features a balance of crafted details, modern materials and technical innovation. Inspired by classic skateboarding and Lexus design principles, the result is the perfect balance of the natural and high tech.

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๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ณ According to Cadie at Business Insider, they're testing the hoverboard in Barcelona this summer. Adding to our Future of Transportation collection.
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@rrhoover No joke, I spit out my coffee. Luckily, the coffee comes with my co-working membership and is free but is still a pain to clean up.
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@rrhoover this better be real! I'm ready for the future
@rrhoover wow! lucky to be in Barcelona xD
Vaporware projects like this are the newest trend with marketing execs. Just like Google Glass became a joke this will undoubtably never materialize.
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@to you may be right... but we all want to BELIEVE. ๐Ÿ™
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@rrhoover @to why should we not expect at least a few prototypes? This isn't an early stage startup, it's Lexus.
@andythegiant @to and I wouldn't say Google Glass is/was a joke. The tech is still impressive and will be adapted into different VR/AR applications for sure.
@andythegiant @to Just don't go over water...
@to Agreed, it's just a content piece in their series "Amazing in Motion". Scroll down to see their other hyper-fictional projects:
"Hey Guys, look at us, we have HOVERBOARDS!" - The Lexus Marketing Department
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I know a guy called Marty McFly that will love this... seriously impressive concept... now it's just matter of figuring out when...
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There has got to be magnets under the concrete or something.
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@zolihonig Yes that was exactly what I was going to comment on. In order for magnetic levitation to work, you need a special magnetic track so this can't be used on regular sidewalk or roads.
@zolihonig Yep ... Disappointing: "Operated like a skateboard, the Slide doesnโ€™t require batteries or a power supply but does need magnets on a rail embedded in the ground to work" -