The Wiki for Slack. Build documentation from conversation.

Slicki - The Wiki For Slack lets you create and maintain wiki pages linked to Slack channels.

Use it as an intranet, as product documentation, or as a place to store things you shouldn't forget. It's a great way to build documentation from conversation, and to easily store and retrieve information relevant to certain groups in any organisation.

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Hey guys - Thanks for checking out, something my team and I have been working on for months. After years of using Slack for multiple projects, I wanted a better way of organizing all of the material that often relates to or comes out of conversation. I tried a number of apps, including Google Docs/Sheets, but none of them really did what I wanted; To have a quick and easy way to access relevant information directly from Slack, without having to manage another separate organization of documents and files. So we sat down and looked at how we wanted to work. We wanted something as easy to use as a simple wiki - because wikis are lovely to maintain and to organize lots of different types of information - but we wanted to make sure we could leverage the users, the information structure, and the security elements we already had in place with Slack. We built Slicki to be the documentation extension to Slack. Type /slicki in any channel to get a link to the page associated with that particular channel. Click it to read, edit or create the page. Create a sub-page structure if you want. Access everything in a browser - in the channel structure you know from Slack - at On desktop or on mobile. We think it's a super convenient way of working with docs in Slack. We're excited to get your feedback!
Reading "Sliki wiki" at 7:30 feels like reading "Fox in Sox." Too many tongue twisters. That said, this is a pretty good idea. Will test it out
we like the idea and I think we can make it work for us, but the mirroring is a little confusing. Is there any way for this to be integrated INTO one or two slack channels instead of a mirror? The work flow would make sense for us, then.
@uhdedtechguy Hey John, thanks for the interest! I just want to be sure I understand what you mean - You would prefer to never leave the Slack UI, and keep working in that? I agree that would be nice, but there are very strict limits to what would be possible. We wouldnt be able to bring up any sort of editor. And any information you request would need to be formatted in Slacks (limited) chat format.