The creative & fun way to get the sleep schedule you need.

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Justin Rosales
Justin RosalesHunter@godsgotvision
I'm an avid user of Forest, this developer's app to promote productivity in the workplace, at school, etc. I have no doubt that this app to promote better sleep schedules will be just as a effective. I love the concept and its beautiful UI design. Looking forward to using this tonight!
@shaokanp @amy_jeng I've not been able to create a login account in this app, I am encountering unknown error 422. Also, one of my suggestions is to have a common account across Forest and Sleeptown, and have a double reward system. For ex: if I am successful in my waking up targets, there has to be at least a few trees planted in the forest app, if not these two apps might cannibalize each other.
Shaokan Pi
Shaokan PiMaker@shaokanp · Co-founder of Seekrtech.
@vij2288 @amy_jeng Yes. Integrating Forest and SleepTown account will be a great feature. We plan to do that in the future. I searched the database for the user name with your twitter id and found that you may have already registered a SleepTown account. Could you please try to login with your email? Thanks :)
@shaokanp @amy_jeng Yes, I am able to login now.