Slash TZ

Natural language time zone converter for Slack & Hipchat

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Slash TZ is a handy little tool that let's you understand timezones quickly within Slack or HipChat. A must-have for remote teams trying to collaborate or sales teams making tons of calls.
Thanks Hiten! I'm the founder of 8012 Labs, and this is one of our concoctions. (Our main focus is on, a check-in tool for startups and project teams.) Usually time zone conversions are not about offsets like "GMT -0400", they are a just a stepping stone to figuring out what may be happening in another city/town, and if you can reach out to someone there without disturbing their dinner or dragging them out of bed. (Like your Slack teammate.) So we tried to keep it simple with natural language queries that are much closer to this end goal, like "london right now", "2pm for me in berlin", or "best time to call sydney". If you hook Slash TZ up into Slack as a slash command (cut and paste a url, no oauth necessary), you can also do the conversions with your teammates, e.g. "best time to reach @justin". Questions and feedback welcome!
@hpoydar What are you using for NLP?
@blake no specific libraries - plain old regex parsing covers most use cases
@henrypoydar This looks great. What I really want to do on slack is this: /tz hey @ myteamate are your free at 7pm? and have the message converted to receive something like: hey @ myteamate are your free at 7pm EST / 4pm PST? (assuming my teammate was on PST and I'm on EST)
very much similar to https://kronostimezoner.herokuap... but without having to have access to ALL of my slack channels (for privacy and security reasons)