A productivity machine that forces you to do tasks 1-by-1

#2 Product of the WeekNovember 20, 2019
Slash is a new type of to do app that actually helps you get things done VS just make lists. Add your tasks, hit 'Start' to enter hyper focus mode, and never leave flow-state. Level up with Pomodoros, Eisenhower Matrix sorting, time-based tasks + more.
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We created Slash after realizing that todo list apps are hopelessly broken. They're great at making lists, but offer you no help in crossing them off. In fact, they often create even more stress when you're staring at a list 100 items longs. Slash is a task "do-er" that helps you CRUSH your list by focusing on one task at a time. Quickly enter your tasks, hit 'Start', and the window shrinks down to a small always-on-top window that shows your current task and how long you've been working on it. When you're done, hover over the task name and click 'Done'. Then you get a random "You're awesome" GIF, and the option to start the next task, or take a break. The idea is that you create your list once in the morning, and then never have to choose what to do next. It also bakes in a ton of other productivity tools like: - Pomodoros (20-30 minute work periods with 5 minute breaks) - Eisenhower Matrix (Tagging tasks as urgent/important for automatic prioritisation) - Timed Tasks (Type in 'Do _______ for 20 minutes' and the task will start with a 20 minute countdown) - Time Tracking (Check out the analytics dashboard to see what you spent the most time on, your most productive days + hours, etc) - Integrations with Trello, Asana, Todoist, etc. -- Coming soon! (Import your tasks from a list app, and get them done in Slash) Our mission is to help people get more done, and actually move closer to their dreams. We'd love your feedback to help us better the app and enable a world of smaller todo lists :)
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@jlejuwaan Can you ping me when you guys release it on Windows? Thanks.
@jlejuwaan @joaoalexconsult ping me to when Windows is up
@jlejuwaan please ping me once Windows version is done, thanks!
looks great! congrats on the launch guys will update after giving it a whirl today..
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@jlejuwaan i'm getting a "Hmm. It looks like you're offline." while trying to sign up
@jlejuwaan @jijosunny @orellanaed @cellus_christie Had the same issue, but it actually worked when I used an invite code. Feel free to use mine: cIM-SZgy
@jijosunny I found the issue. Try signing up again with a different email address with a password without any special characters (mine was *). @jlejuwaan Looks like your passwords are not supposed to have special characters.
Hey all, excited to share Slash with you today. Drop any questions here, we'll be around throughout the day to answer! ⚡️
@bootl Hey 👋 I'm trying to create an account but it ask me an invite code. Could you give me one? 🙏
@julionavr You can use mine: spoICgPI
@julionavr what is the error info you get? Slash is free and open once you download it so no need for the code on sign up (next version will state that it's optional ;)). Codes will be used for extra perks.
@bootl @julionavr I'm having the same issue
A real problem!
Slash looks awesome, well done! I just tried it out and the UX though beautiful is confusing: * I added items to my list then started "slashing" and saw a timer at the bottom * I clicked on the timer to figure out what was going on / possibly turn off the animating timer which I find visually distracting * this marked the item as "done" when I clicked on it with no way of marking it as "not done" from there. If I click "edit tasks", that task is no longer in the list and I can't mark it as todo again * I found the "Done" tab with my task on it but when I clicked the left arrow which I imagined would move it back to the "todo" list, it was moved to another "later" list which I can't find I think you need a better tutorial during your onboarding flow 😅
@alxcnwy I've had a few UX problems as well. Love the app but the UX is confusing at best.
@alxcnwy I see how that would be confusing! We'll work on a better onboarding tutorial. I really appreciate the feedback.
@alxcnwy @jlejuwaan I don't think an app this simple should really have an onboarding flow. It just needs a few tweaks to really improve the UX. I'm an ex-Google PM in NYC, so if you ever want to chat about this - I would love to help!
@robjbye ha, @bootl is going to love seeing you say this. I'm in NYC too, so I'd love to meet up and chat UI/UX.