Never forget anything. Quickly email yourself in the future.

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Great Windows Phone app or greatest Windows Phone app?
LOL @willimholte. I'm biased obviously but I should obviously also give credit where it's due: the wonderful @ryanvalentin built our Windows Phone app. (Out of the goodness of his own heart too, mind you!)
SLAPSHOT! I already happen to know the inspiration for this app but please share with the class, @thetylerhayes.
Uh-oh. I supposed I asked for this ;) SO. When I was at Disqus we were big fans of getting out of the office at the end of the day. This often meant enjoying a beer, also whiskey. I like rye. I love Old Fashioneds. This also often meant everyone would share lots of cool stuff with each other totally unrelated to Disqus. Cool new restaurants, hiking trails, bands, all that jazz. But ultimately later that night or the next day I'd always forget the things people said. (Totally unrelated to the beer and whiskey. That's science.) So I tried a fix: I would open Mailbox before going out and queue up an email to myself and then over the course of the night every time someone would mention something cool I'd open the email and add to the email. At the end of the night I'd send myself the email. Two problems with that: 1) I felt like I was always focusing on an email rather than my friends. The font is small and drafts easily get thrown away if you accidentally open an incoming email. I was fumbling with my phone. 2) I'd never remember to check back on the email the next day. So I built Slapshot. It's the most brutally simple app on the App Store. There isn't even a Send button and that is completely on purpose. I wanted an app that I could just open, type fast and not have to look at, and then just shove back in my pocket. It's all about staying in the moment. And I know from studying neuroscience and memory that retention is repetition. That's why Slapshot sends the email 12 hours later as opposed to immediately, because you'll have forgotten about the email after 12 hours and that's when it's most valuable. It's like a little gift from the past. Fun fact: the original tagline for Slapshot was "Drunk email yourself". And there was even a toggle when signing up that said "I'm drunk right now!" (Which I believe is still in the Windows Phone version, and I love that.) But a ton of people, myself included, started using it to remember all sorts of other stuff so I decided to shift the messaging to reflect how users were actually using it. Fun fact #2: Slapshot is huge in Japan and Italy.
I think I prefer "Drunk email yourself" better, @thetylerhayes. :) I think I told you this before but I want a Slapshot for photos with friends, for those nights "outside the office." I guess Cluster could work for this, right @mulligan?