IKEA's chainless, flat-packed bicycle

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Ruben Bos@rubenbos · Creative Director, Mangrove
Interesting, although in the Netherlands you can get bikes for a similar price. The customization makes me think of Van Moof https://www.vanmoof.com/en_nl/
Gianfranco P@gianpaj · Developer
While there are many benefits for a belt-driven bicycle, there are plenty drawbacks too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Be...
John Yu
@johnxy888 · Director of MechEng & Manuf @CinderCooks
@gianpaj very good to know!
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
Damn, in Canada the Ikea Family Price makes a $400 difference!
kleerkoat@kleerkoat · Mechanical Designer
To bad the cart in the front style all over Europe seems to be a "no-no" in the US.
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
But I see a chain 🤔
@nivo0o0 It's a rubber belt
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
@eindbaas ahhh
Simon Bromberg@shimmb · Technical Lead @DashMD , sbromberg.com
@eindbaas @nivo0o0 Rubber seems like something that would not hold up very well in this context... But hey, there's a 10 year warranty on the belt drive, and a 25 year warranty on the bike ("limited" though...) Plus rust-proof, which is sweet.
@shimmb @nivo0o0 Don't think of rubber as in rubber band but rubber as in tire. Brands like Trek use the same belts.
Simon Bromberg@shimmb · Technical Lead @DashMD , sbromberg.com
@eindbaas @nivo0o0
@shimmb @nivo0o0 Carbon, interesting. I must've been confused with the wider type. In any case: it will last for some time.