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#2 Product of the WeekOctober 23, 2015
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Another site inspired by Startup Stash! Aimed to make your Slack channel even more awesome :) @marwannas can tell you more! I approve!
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@bramk Definitely going to have to find "Brent Renlo" for a PH live!
Thanks for hunting us @bramk! We thought of SlackStack as a way to give back to the Product Hunt community. As we're always monitoring what happens on Slack, we had a lot of resources in our faves and thought it would be cool to share them with people instead of keeping it for ourselves. It was indeed inspired by Startup Stash, so it's an honour for us to be hunted by you, btw :)
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@marwannas just redirects to now - What's up?
@robinsikkens I left Birdly in the meantime, and they decided to discontinue the website. I'm quite unhappy with the decision, but now there's the Slack App Directory, it was becoming redundant anyway :|
A great idea, I've submitted to it already! Slack is so powerful it deserves this.
@marcperel Thanks Marc :) Just added to the list of resources! Best of luck!
I just submitted my Slack Connect 4 bot, fantastic idea!
In my best Mr. Smithers: "Eeeeexcellent."
@damrunner Isn't it Mr. Burns that says this? :)
@marwannas @damrunner YEP. :| it's early, but that's still unforgivable. I hate it when my fingers type thoughts before they're fully formed.