Slacking Pigeons

Chat in real time with your users directly from Slack

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Hello there! I built Slacking Pigeons because I needed a lightweight solution to talk directly to users coming on kactus ( There are other solutions out there but none that satisfied my needs. Every time a user uses the widget (3 lines to add to your website), it creates a new thread on a specific channel on Slack. To answer, just reply to the thread! It helps keep things clean in the one place we already all use. It is open source and I have a bunch of ideas in the roadmap: I'd love to hear your feedback and I'm here to answer your questions! Cheers Mathieu PS: Why "slacking pigeons" you would ask? Because it's like "homing pigeons" but for slack :D
Nice. Do other tools like Intercom or Drift not have the ability to respond via Slack?
@kvn_chiu No they don't, you need to use their website. They have a lot more (too many?) features which require a custom UI.
Nice solution. Congratulations!
I have been using Small Chat - how would you say this is different?
@paraj_mathur I haven't properly try Small Chat but from what I'm seeing, I'd say that Slacking pigeons give you a lot more control over the widget: you can open it programmatically, send an automatic message when the user does something, etc. And it's open source so you can fork it and tweak every single detail!