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Execute SQL queries inside of Slack

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Now you can execute SQL queries right in your Slack input box! After config the database host and deploy the codes to whichever server, add the integration to Slack, then you can execute SQL query right in your Slack. This is extremely useful for database administrators and engineers, without switching screen or opening another terminal, type the SQL query in Slack and you will get what you want! Try it out: 1. Add an Slash command integration to your Slack. (like /sql) 2. Specify url as: 3. Execute the SQL query in Slack! For example, type "/sql select * from users", and magic happens! To make it specify to your database host: 1. Get the source code of this project by clicking GET IT, and check out the
@sethwang10 note to self, don't drop tables from slack :P
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@brianbest Will pay attention to drop table command hahaha.
This is a game changer! Love the idea and implementation. Great job!
Love this!
@gennady_barsky Thanks! Glad to hear you love it :)
Interesting product, I can definitely see this being useful for remote dev box access. Any way to filter out updates, deletes, drops at the client level? I guess a read-only user is a solution as well but it would be nice to not have to go that extreme and get some options around filtering before posting to SQL. On the negative side, this could also be another attack vector!
Not only is this useful for production environments so that I don't have to ssh into the production server, this is useful for even practicing SQL statements (I gotta practice raw SQL queries instead of relying on the ORM that Ruby on Rails is). Very useful integration, thanks for making it and I can't wait to use it!!!
@jourdanb21 Thanks! Very glad to hear this can be helpful to you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let me know if you have any questions about setting things up.