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Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · Services for startups
Found out about this little tool yesterday from Chat Bots Weekly h/t @ompemi As the bot-space grows and grows there will be more tools built around the different layers. This is pretty basic but lets you visualise what your bot could look like in 'real-life'. Nice way to mock up some fake (as opposed to real?!) conversations from a bot
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Love focused, helpful tools like this!
Сергей Пехтерев
Сергей Пехтерев@colorage · Designer, Ecomgems
Kirk Fletcher
Kirk Fletcher@kirksfletcher · Geek, Multi-language Developer
This is actually quite helpful, we are huge fans of Slack here at and are just starting to look into bot stuff, Cool! :-)
Ryan Brewster
Ryan Brewster@ryanpbrewster · Software Developer, Kifi
Nice work. There are a lot of little easy-to-miss details in the way that Slack formats messages, but this seems to be right on point every time. Props. EDIT: It looks like there are a few things that don't quite work. Using an attachment color of "good", "warning", or "danger" does not result in any color, and the "short" attribute for attachment fields is ignored.