Slack + EnjoyHQ

Share research findings and feedback without leaving Slack

If you use Slack you can now empower your team to share their customer interactions and insights without leaving Slack. EnjoyHQ helps you store and classify those insights easily.
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Sofia Quintero
Founder and CEO EnjoyHQ
Hello 👋 Product Hunters! If you work in an open and collaborative environment, you most likely share customer feedback in Slack, maybe your sales team shares insights from a recent call or your customer support team shares customer quotes regarding specific customer problems. Keeping track of all those insights in Slack is hard. This is why we built a brand new integration that helps you capture, store and classify that feedback easily. Here's what it does: -Slack users can share any existing message from Slack and forward it to EnjoyHQ using message actions. - In EnjoyHQ, you can configure which tags and properties can be attached to feedback and imported from Slack. - You can configure whether attaching an email address to feedback is required or not. -When feedback is imported from Slack, a new document is created in EnjoyHQ, which you can edit and classify. -You can now forward Slack messages with images and file attachments. A big thanks to all of our customers for their help in shaping this new integration! If you haven't tried EnjoyHQ yet you can start a free trial here
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Cool integration!
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Lachlan Kirkwood
Helping Makers Look Better 👕
Love the integration!
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