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Embed Skype chat onto any website with only 2 lines of code

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Skype taking on Intercom, Zendesk, and other support tools with this move. When will Slack do the same? 🤔 There are already a few Slack-integrated apps to embed a channel into a site.
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@rrhoover to be honest, I don't know why they haven't already :(
@rrhoover yeah Slack's priorities are weird to me
@rrhoover Most founders I know use Intercom. We need more innovation in this space.
@rrhoover I reckon it'll only be a matter of time before we see this feature for Messenger, Slack, and other popular messaging services. It'll be the new stories!
Consider this + the Microsoft Bot Framework and you can see why Skype has become so attractive to developers.
Great stuff, could be useful for my livecoding sessions
@karimjdda Super cool idea!
This is cool! But you know what's not cool? Not letting the existing users delete their Skype accounts! I know Skype is now a part of Microsoft account, but it was a terrible thing you did! You forced it on the users without even letting them know about the integration. I was a Skype user since its inception! Recently stopped using it, as MS turned it into a user-hostile product with devious practices for targeting ads during conversations. If you really care about what you are doing, please don't put a gun to your users' head and force things! A product should be user-friendly, safe, secure, and should come with enough choices to accommodate the human. We're not machines here! This new Skype under Microsoft is a terrible disaster!
@karthikeyankc Hello. Skype does allow you to delete your account. Here's our customer support page with the instructions: Your feedback matters! Please send submit your feedback and the respective team will look into it. Here's how:
@renebrandel Hello! :) In case you didn't know it before, the links on those pages are to delete and close Microsoft account! Not Skype! You're just doing that copy paste thing what your support people do at! Hope you can understand how annoying this is! About that feedback part, the feedback app, another horrendously designed application from your company, won't let me give a feedback without enabling the diagnostics telemetry. As for Skype, all I could do was to change my Skype name to I DONT USE SKYPE ANYMORE to remove my identity from Skype. That's a dumb product design right there! And I am pretty sure no one at Microsoft would care about it if I had added it as a feedback via your feedback app. The funniest thing is, even people who work at Microsoft think it's dumb. I hope you take it to the right people and make it possible to delete Skype accounts (at least for people like me who created Skype accounts, when it wasn't associated with Microsoft).