Skype for Slack

Move your slack discussions to a group skype call

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 15, 2016

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If you'd like to sync *chat* from a Skype group and your Slack channel, you can use Here's a video:
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@abs I think this is the right approach.
Just type /skype on any channel in Slack to start a call with your team, or one-to-one.
@erictwillis really cool addition. until Slack provides VOIP :)
When is VOIP coming, @buster / @stewart? πŸ˜„
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@rrhoover @erictwillis @ourielohayon At ( the VoIP feature will be announced soon on PH together with other cool features. Stay tuned :)
@rrhoover @erictwillis I too keep annoying @SlackHQ with this question every month or so :)
@erictwillis We just pinned a permanent hangout URL to each channel, easy.
Was SOOO excited until Skype gave me a bunch of prompts including "Install this Chrome extension." I want calls to be embedded in Slack...
@mrolovsson no doubt it won't be long!
@bentossell @mrolovsson The main hurdle is real time call notification inside Slack. Hence probably the Chrome extension. At ( we're working hard on that :)
Still prefer the Slack extension. Doesn't require accounts or plugins - Skype prompted me to install a plugin AND a Chrome extension.
I don't see why Slack can't open a web view within the Slack app when starting a Skype call. Would be much better UX than being redirected to a web browser. Overall, I much prefer for video calls. Maybe Slack should acqui-hire them and integrate the service in Slack. is already based on a system of rooms (which could be rebranded channels). In any case, video calls has to be the next big Slack feature in 2016.
@rfreling Slack has already acquired Screenhero which is the same as . And is working on making it better.
@rfreling Also, the limitation comes from the Slack API not from the integrated software. Opening a webpage is the only option available right now for using WebRTC enabled applications like Skype Web.
@quinaluis yes I knew they acquired screenhero. It's been a while though and screenhero is more about screensharing and onscreen collaboration. I just hope Slack will implement video chat sooner than later :)
@rfreling I think they will do that through integrations, much more interesting for them as a business model. They can capture the user base of integrated softwares :)