Sky Soundbox

High-end TV audio system designed in partnership w/ Devialet

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Nice. That Devialet speaker is insane. I saw it in Harrods. Interesting to see if the quality will be similar in a device aimed at more consumers.
I've listened to the original Devialet Phantom (which looks as cool in person as it does in the GIFs) and sounds amazing. Smart of them to partner with Sky. Curious how the sound compares to their $2k+ speakers.
@rrhoover I definitely love my Phantoms. Devialet seems committed to taking on Sonos and getting their high end tech in more components, even as Apple enters the ring (and to a much lesser extent, Amazon, considering that people buy Echo devices for music speakers).
~$1000 (without a subscription to Sky) close to the Phantom which was $2000 three years ago. That's a pretty good price curve. It'll be interesting to see if they try maintain a premium price point, like a strata above Sonos etc, or become an M&A target for the talking-speakers of the world (Alexa,Home etc), or go that route themselves.