Skurt 2.0

Cars by the day, delivered on-demand. Now on iOS & Android.

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I've been a big fan of Skurt since they started. WAYYYY better than dealing with old school Avis/Hertz/etc. car rental services. Instead of waiting in line, Skurt delivers the car to you. They just released an Android app and since their initial launch, they've expanded to two other cities beyond LA: Miami and San Diego. Still waiting for Skurt to come to San Francisco. πŸ™πŸΌ
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@rrhoover I can't wait for them to get into the Canadian market! Love their marketing :)
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@rrhoover Thanks for the support Ryan - we'll be with you in SF very soon! @joshmangel, @everette and I will be here all day to answer any questions πŸ˜€
@rrhoover Appreciate the support Ryan, you've been an OG supporter of the company. Really excited to be able to offer the platform to Android users now and looking forward to SF in the future.
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@johnkyeremeh which Canadian cities do you think we should launch first? We've had a ton of requests for Toronto.
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@harryhur5t Definitely Toronto or Vancouver first! Since it's right beside a bunch of major universities (Guelph, Hamiton, Kitchener-Waterloo) which would have your audience demographic and there isn't much transportation options yet.
Hey all, we've built both our iOS and Android apps from ground up in the past 4 months with @luskin and @tonyteate. We went full Swift on iOS. It heavily relies on PromiseKit. We built a few internal libraries that we will be open-sourcing soon. Our Android app is fully native as well. It's built with flux architecture, leveraging RXJava. We are using Swagger to auto-generated our internal SDKs on both platforms which allowed us to iterate super fast. We'll be around all day. Would be more than happy to answer any technical questions.
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@icanberk Yeah @luskin (iOS) and @tonyteate (Android) did an amazing job (biased of course). The app has come a long way since it was launched in October 2015.
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@icanberk @luskin @tonyteate Swagger is awesome! We use it for our SDK as well
@everette @icanberk @luskin @tonyteate this is amazing, great job! I love the concept and it's awesome that you guys are scaling quickly but with lots of thought and precision in every move πŸ™Œ
@tzhongg thanks for the support Tiffany =)
@icanberk @luskin @tonyteate excited to try you out once you come to San Francisco but I applaud your dedication to building on each platform natively. Good luck!
I love Uber and Lyft, but the problem of course is if you want wheels when you're out of town for a weekend or whatever, those rides really add up. Skurt makes it super easy to just click, get a car, and be on your way. No waiting at counters, hiking it to rental car garages, nothing. Congrats Skurt team!
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@morganb thanks! We share the same sentiment here, Uber and Lyft are awesome for that short A-B journey. Anything longer and it starts to make a bunch more sense to have your own wheels.
@morganb appreciate the support @morganb - a lot of users find ridesharing impractical for a a lot of use cases. That's where Skurt comes in.
Skurt fills an important gap in the transportation space for sure. I actually like using Enterprise because they come pick me up but I still have to go back to the rental place for paperwork etc which eats into my time. This app takes care of that - giving me time and adding Uber-like predictability to when I can get going. Also just the fact that @everette is involved should tell you that this is something worth checking out. PS: Y U No in Boston yet? :D
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@anujadhiya thank you very much. We're often compared to the Enterprise pick-you-up service, but never quite understood why. Their main business is insurance replacement, so that offering was unique and made total sense for their customer who may have been stuck at the body shop having handed in their car for repairs. Hats off to Enterprise for early innovation there. We agree with you though, having your car delivered right to your door, or body shop for that matter - wins every time!
@anujadhiya You're far too kind man, appreciate that. Yeah we know that having to go back to the rental car location and fill out paperwork is a huge pain point. We're glad to be able to alleviate that for our customers. Boston is somewhere we definitely want to be someday =)
I've been a big fan of Skurt, @harryhur5t, and @everette for a long time now! I'm really excited to see where the future takes them. This team is really incredible. Congrats!
You're the man @hellobrent thank you for the support!
@hellobrent Thanks so much man, means a lot. Appreciate you continuing to support us.