Reminder app based on calendar and location, plus todo lists

Create repeating location based reminders

Create repeating calendar reminders and sync them to Calendar

Create customizable todo list

All the changes will be saved automatically

Start again where you left off

Support for Dark Mode

Secure your data with Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode

Quick add using 3D Touch on the app icon

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Looks great BUUUUT iPhone only :( can't try
@anna_0x @tcodinat Thank you for checking this product. SKreminder is made for both iPhone and iPad.
@tcodinat @soroush_ios_dev I meant "no Android app", not "no iPad app" πŸ˜†
@anna_0x @tcodinat @soroush_ios_dev It's like they don't even know Android users exist
Looks nice but how is it better than ios built-in app?
@bitrewards Thanks for your compliment. My goal was to make this app a better version of "Reminder" app and a mini version of "Calendar" app combined. The navigation system used within "Reminder" app is very confusing, and there are no security measures in neither of those apps. SKreminder tries to bring more security, simplicity, and hopefully a better design than mentioned apps.
This took me back to 2007. Design πŸ‘Ž. Crashed πŸ‘Ž.
@dovbreuer Thanks for taking your time to comment on this product. I am really sorry for disappointing you.