If Evernote and Pinterest had a baby

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Hello, everybody. I am the CEO of Skore and we are very excited to launch here on Product Hunt. Our mission is to help teams organize and amplify their most important asset: knowledge. We know nobody cares about corporate training anymore. Why would they? Old content, ugly experience, irrelevant contexts. Right? We think most of the problem is the fact that the way we learn has changed fundamentally. Our challenges are new and our questions don't have a solution ready most of the times. Pick you and your team: how are you learning today? I bet most of it is done through team curation of content. You share the great stuff you find with each other and it's very contextual and relevant because you KNOW each other. The web has an almost infinite supply of amazing content and we stumble upon it every day. Most teams will share these jewels by email or Slack, which is a total waste. Email is rarely read. Slack is ephemeral, things get lost. What happens if someone joins your company tomorrow? Why can't she get access to the cool stuff your team has been sharing. This inspired us to create Skore. Skore is a knowledge sharing platform for teams. Think about us like a Pocket for Teams. Besides adding any link from the web, you can upload any file (video, pdf) from your computer or even create your own wiki-style notes. You can use a Pinterest-like template for something that is more open and exploratory for the topics you want people to browse through. But you can also use our course template and create a very focused and sequenced learning experience. All this versatility (of types of content types and templates) turn us into a very powerful solution that has been powering more than 3,000 teams worldwide. From 20-people startups sharing knowledge with each other to multinational retail enterprises training 10,000 sales people. We are also the same makers of the Paperbot app ( If you use the Paperbot, let us know and we'll help you connect it with Skore. Please shoot questions, comments and feedbacks at will! We are here to reply and to learn!
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@rrhoover, another unicorn baby :D
@lfnovo Looks good - just signed up. Quick question, are you going add other methods for sharing content? For example, I run across a link that I'd like to quickly share with a client or friend - someone that we wouldn't necessarily need or want to bring into Skore.
@lfnovo I guess the problem with "Email is rarely read. Slack is ephemeral, things get lost. " that in the moment of making a decision to share something most of us resort to default, which is slack/email. How would you change this behaviour? What would make your team to remember about Skore, open it and upload a link every time they want to share and discuss something? Having a dedicated slack channel for shared links would be simpler, wouldn't it? This solves "ephemeral" problem Still having a "gallery" of all shared links is very useful, but can be achieved with Slack integration maybe? So everything that is shared is slack and has a meaning will be stored there? Idk how to define meaning, but maybe you can have a bot that is getting smarter over time, like you paste a link and it asks you right away "Store in the gallery?" What do you think?
@scottwwilliams hi Scott. We are not working on anything like that in the moment.
@restuta you nailed it. Our other product (Paperbot) does that. It grabs slack links and put them in a very nice interface. If most of what your team shares is on slack, it might suffice. Skore does take this a step further. Our spaces offer a level of organization and discovery that a chat will never do. Thx for your questions.
Love the tagline "If Evernote and Pinterest had a baby" πŸ“πŸ“ŒπŸ‘Ά
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Plans to make this an app? I use Evernote, Pinterest and pocket. In each case the stickiness is solely due to having an app or email in to an app.
@loylee Hi Loy. I'm glad you asked. Yes, the app is coming up soon. Stay tuned :)
I was in a πŸ“² call when I πŸ‘€ the notification for Skore pop up in my browser notifies... I was like: [gasp] "Gotta go - something amazing is in Product Hunt!" 😎 Love your philosophy - so right on!
@kristindrysdale love that you like where we are going with this. Hope to here more from you after you use it. :)
Love the integrations! Good luck fellows!