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Queueing 'remotely' - doesn't this completely bypass the whole notion of queueing... Im not sure how this will work in practice. How will vendors deal with disgruntled customers who have been waiting in line for ages and see you rock up to the venue and go straight in (or whatever the example is). I worked for an app previously that let you skip the queue in bars.. (the company is no longer operational) - I thought it sounded good in theory but wasn't actually very practical. Keen to hear more info on how this is going to work
@bentossell Hi Ben, thanks for your reply.. Walk-in customer will also be able to see how many customers in front of them and how much time it will take when they book their queuing tickets using Skiplino Service Provider tablet app (iPad/Android) while Skiplino smart queuing algorithm balances between walk-in and mobile tickets taking many factors in consideration including the average service time for each service/agent, it also tells walk-in customers to download the app for future use instead of waiting in the service provider waiting rooms.
@ealimohsen Ok... I don't know how receptive vendors will be to have to explain this situation to currently (physical) queueing customers as it could easily turn them away and give them a bad experience. Also if this app scales and all bookings are used in this way then there will be a virtual queue anyway :p
@bentossell that's correct, walk-in queuing tablets will always stay there for people resisting the change and you are right the queue will always be there physically or virtually however with Skiplino you would still know when it's your turn and you will only show up when your turn about to come avoiding the time you would waste sitting there.
Skiplino solves one of the most irritating daily problems which is standing in line, where on average a human wastes 6 months of his/her life standing in queues, Skiplino aims to solve this problem by offering an automated smart mobile solution to better manage traffic/flow and save people a lot of time by letting them get in queue wherever they are. currently Skiplino is on-boarding service providers but you can suggest places you would like to see in Skiplino right in the app.
We have something similar in a bank here in Croatia and I thought the same as @bentossell, how are people going to take it that someone is cutting in line? But in the end, it works great since you can see the queue on the dashboard and mobile reservations are tagged with (m). I think it's interesting to see what this concept can be applied too, as it seems to be working for Starbucks (from what I hear). Regarding the site, it lacks information and a clear description on the first few pages, yet offers too much on the features page. Honestly, you lost my attention already at the app store links because I'm used to that being the footer. I find it better if you put clear description next to screenshot - many other apps do that and works great for them. And then let the features page have "everything possible" for someone who is interested in details.
@ianissoawesome Thank you very much for your valuable feedback we will definitely take it into consideration while we are updating the website.
Hello Everyone, Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Founder/CEO of Skiplino . I would thank you for your interest in Skiplino which solves one of life's most annoying tasks which is waiting in line/queue to get a service. I would love to get your feedback and answer any questions you have regarding our product. Please feel free to get in touch with me through twitter or on the comment section. Kind regards, Zaman
Somewhat related... there's a piece of research carried out which says First come, first served isn't the best model or practice. Instead it is good for customers and businesses to go First come, last served. The intention being, there is no point people turning up and wasting their time, they much rather know when to arrive and get served quickly. I genuinely can't find where the link to that research is, will have to troll through thousands of sent emails. But I will come back to it. Also - University of Southern Denmark had a research paper around First come Last served model. It may be worth digging up that paper. Never thought I would be so interested in Queues :I
@freeman_faiz Sounds very interesting will have a look at it and if you found the research piece please share. Cheers!