Skiplagged 2.0

Actually cheap flights & hotels

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Frank Schwarz
@thefrankschwarz · Exec. Producer of The SEO Show
Skipplagged saved my arse when Spirit airlines pilot didn't show up for our flight. Spirit flight (46 dollars) found me an American Airlines flight for $55 leaving 3 hours later. AA website and ticket counter wanted over $250/ ticket. I have not used another site since I found Skiplagged. Thanks guys for a great product.
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
New in v2.0: Explore our brand new app! • See the best flight deals on the market • Book your dream hotels with extraordinary rates • Experience the world with Skiplagged
Kostya Rypta
@kostyarypta · Founder of http://onlot.net
How app find the cheap flights? What is the magic inner?
Nick Vivion
@worldli · Senior Brand Journalist, Sabre.com
Look forward to checking out this new version
Kevin MacPherson
@kevinmacpherson · Co-Founder at Melee
Great product. This and SkyScanner are my go to resources for all flights. Thank you for continuing to improve the product.