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Skipplagged saved my arse when Spirit airlines pilot didn't show up for our flight. Spirit flight (46 dollars) found me an American Airlines flight for $55 leaving 3 hours later. AA website and ticket counter wanted over $250/ ticket. I have not used another site since I found Skiplagged. Thanks guys for a great product.
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How app find the cheap flights? What is the magic inner?
@kostyarypta Not affiliated with the app in any way but I believe this is one of the only apps that searches hidden city flights...they were even unsuccessfully sued over this.
@kostyarypta the app finds flights that may have layovers in your destination city that may be cheaper than booking a flight that only flies to your destination. So if you want to fly from Madrid to Berlin, there may be a flight flying from Madrid to St. Petersburg with a layover in Berlin that's cheaper, and if you don't have checked luggage, you just get off the plane in Berlin.
Been rooting for Skiplagged since United tried to take them down in their early days. I'm curious - does anybody have experience booking an international flight on their platform?
Look forward to checking out this new version