Precision hiring for veterans to get into corporate life

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Jennifer Roman
Jennifer RomanMaker@jen_w_roman · SkillMil
SkillMil™ - Precision Hiring for Veterans SkillMil’s unique technology helps Veterans get hired by providing personalized knowledge and skill matching to fill the business position demand. Job searches for Veterans is a struggle. Hiring veterans is arduous and usually unsuccessful for several reasons:​ -Mismatches. Traditional job sites do not optimally match the training and background with the job requisition.  It’s not uncommon for a highly trained manager of complex large-scale logistics to be matched to a software programming job, or for the Commander of a Nuclear Submarine (“1120”) to be matched to a truck driver.     -Jargon. Hiring managers typically discount, or give no credit for experience obtained in the Military, because it’s described with complex acronyms and unrecognizable jargon.   -Job search is a new concept to veterans. Corporate and military realities are very different. Veterans often expect the military pre-planned career management and are used to a military personnel office responsible for placing them in their various assignments. We address all of these problems with SkillMil™ SkillMil™ provides a single automated system that -Translates military jargon/acronyms (military speak) into plain business English. -Auto-formats input data into a clean business resume. -Provides SkillScore – the percent “fit” of job candidates to open requirements. -Lists the specific skills & experience candidate is missing to achieve a 100% fit. -SkillMil makes job search and hiring easy for both veterans and HR managers. Founded by passionate military Veterans, the SkillMil™ team found that enlisted military members lack the ability to translate their military skills to business terms that a hiring manager understands. The SkillMil team is committed to matching the talents and skills of U.S. military Veterans with high performing companies. We strongly believe that today’s U.S. military Veterans entering civilian business are among the most talented, skilled, and seasoned professionals in the business market.
Nate Smith
Nate Smith@imns81 · Founder @ Readable Report
@jen_w_roman This is great. Quality cause.
bevanbarton@bevanbarton · Peepeth creator
Really glad to see this. Good luck with your Republic campaign!
Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Dziuba@lisadziuba · Founder
Good project! Some time ago we had IT project for Veterans from Armed conflict in the Eastern part of Ukraine, where Veterans could get coding skills for free and land a job just after the course.