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Hi ProductHunt! We are excited to release our VR apps for HTC Vive, Oculus, Gear VR and Cardboard, plus initial WebVR support. The apps provide a dedicated VR experience with a showcase of models, while WebVR lets you explore the entire Sketchfab library in VR from the Web. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!
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@albn Would be cool if the whole 'sketchfab' was like in a huge 3d browsable library or something(instead of more conventional 2d planes). So you bring out little 3d models from some shelves or something and you can scale them at will. I think sketchfab as a great opportunity to sort of 'pioneer' a fully web browsable VR experience... Food for thought!
@matgosselin that's the plan yep :)
I've tried the app on the Vive. Fantastic experience to discover everything in VR from great art and heritage to the latest sneakers! Awesome job team Sketchfab!
I have tried this and it blew me away. @alban do you think anyone will be able to shoot 3D footage and pull it into a VR environment soon? Like my holiday pictures or family events? Great job
Thanks @nicoprincen! And yes, you can already do that, using only consumer products :) Here are some of the first steps of my son With our new VR support, simply publishing it on Sketchfab makes it viewable as a VR environment on any headset.
Something's wrong with the way this is listed in Steam - it's not included when filtering for VR in the list of software.
You've got some frame timing issues you ought to look into: Not sure what's causing this jank (maybe try moving to the Unity 5.4 beta and/or updating the SteamVR plugin in your project?), but the fullscreen, full-framerate display mirroring probably isn't doing you any favors - I'd consider using a smaller window, updated every fourth frame or so.