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Explore over 1 Million scenes in 3D or VR on iOS & Android

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Hi Producthunt, very happy to unveil our mobile apps here today. Our goal is to give 3D creators an easy way to publish 3D to mobile, and for everyone else to enjoy millions of immersive scenes in 3D or VR on the go. Would love to get some feedback and happy to answer any question!
Really nice. Are you going to do an ARKit integration? There are a few models in there I'd like to track in AR.
@julien_c yep, that's the big next step :) We already have a POC, you'll have the entire library browsable in AR via ARKit, just like here
Very cool! Great job team!
Having fun with a mobile headset right now !! well done guys !
@alban when will you be able to support larger/more complex models? I have a series of complex high poly models that wont load in the app or on Safari. Reducing poly count isn't an option for my use case.
We started working on mesh decimation and level of detail, hopefully this will be able to answer your needs when ready.