Sketchfab AR for iOS

Explore a million things in AR and publish AR with no code

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 25, 2017

Millions of experiences to explore in AR! On any model tap the new AR icon next to the VR icon to place the selected model in the real world.

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Hi ProductHunt! Happy to finally unveil Sketchfab AR for iOS today. Thanks to ARKit, we are able to bring AR support to the entire Sketchfab library: almost 2 million things you can bring into the real world with augmented reality. Besides browsing great content from the community, the other cool part about this feature is that it lets you publish any 3D file to AR with no code. Simply upload it to, and it will show up instantly in the app, and be available in 3D, VR or AR. Quick note on the tech side: this is done through a WebView in a native app, all rendered through WebGL. Means you get to keep the same rendering as in Sketchfab, and that you don't need to download gigs of data to your phone :) Happy to answer any question you may have, and if you shoot cool videos you can share them under the hashtag #madewithSketchfab. Thanks for the support! ps: android support via ARcore coming soon.
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@albn Hey there! Do you guys currently support an API that lets you build AR apps using access to the models in your library as potential models for use in 3rd party apps? Also great library, I'm checking it out now!
@andreas_dias not yet, but that's something we'd like to be able to do at some point
Fantastic! Great job guys.

best and easiest solution for easy 3d sharing in AR


ease of use


not really

Looks great !! Will check it out soon
@ayush_chandra Thanks, let us know how it goes!
This is absolutely amazing. I've been 3d scanning my parents' house since they're moving to a new place soon and have used this to walk around in their house, while in the house. Here's @albn trying it with my 3d scan in AR: It's a WebView in an app, which is even more remarkable. There is still a slight delay with big models, but if that's optimized, this will be lovely. Sketchfab already has a giant directory of 3d models, both objects, characters, to entire VR worlds. I'm a really big fan to see all that move into mixed reality now.
@levelsio thanks Pieter! Super glad you are getting into 3D capture :)