Sketchboard for Slack

Digital team whiteboard for visual communication on Slack

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Hey Product Hunters, We are excited to officially launch Sketchboard for Slack. Slack is one of the coolest platforms for productive digital communication and our aim is to make it even cooler with visual communication. Sketchboard for Slack now brings digital whiteboards to Slack. Have a real-time sketch session with your teammates directly from Slack and easily transfer the sketch back to your Slack channel. With the integration installed in Slack simply type: /sketch Awesome Idea (to start sketching on Awesome Idea) After your sketching session, post a sketch snapshot to a Slack channel of your choosing and continue your discussion.
This is a great idea. Has anyone used it yet?
Looks awesome, great idea and looks very neatly integrated. Good job! Going to try it out soon.
@lucyeind Thanks! Please tell us what do you think after trying it out.
Well done! We'll give it a try for sure when brainstorming on marketing experiments.
Thanks @savvaszortikis! Great to hear you will be testing it out.
@corleyh Thanks! We have had a selected group of teams using it. We have also received great initial feedback. For example if board already exists it should return existing board link.