Start drawing easily using augmented reality

SketchAR puts virtual images on paper to let you trace drawings from your phone. The app is for those who have always wanted but have never been able to draw. Also, for professional artists as a simple and convenient way to trace sketches onto any desired surface

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22 Reviews5.0/5

SketchAR made it possible for me to boost my creativity by having me understand that the projects, drawings, that has been on my mind for a while, now can be implemented with the help of this outstanding app. It helped me to make these first steps to fill a canvas that may have been hard for me to make otherwise.


It's an amazing tool to express yourself and make drawing process possible and/or more available to everyone.


Due to Android devices having all the different system and hardware setups it's not easy on the developers to make it work on every device.

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Thank you, Vadim, for the comment! We really appreciate it and working hard to bring the great experience with augmented reality for drawing.

Ground breaking application that will change our view on how we perceive art.


You can easily transfer any image to any vertical surface


Image attached to a vertical plane will shift back and forth