Sketch Toolbox

A super simple plugin manager for Sketch

I love Sketch by Bohemian Coding, and this plugin is a really nice way to find and install sketch plugins.
Haaay! I actually did some work on this (icon, website, various Git-stuffs). AMA!
@clarklab OMFG! Thank you guys! I spend way too much time in sketch these days and hunting down plugins is not something I want to spend time doing.
Ok, ok. You guys looove Sketch. I think it's time I joined the club. :) Also check out @Jonnotie's Sketch Resources.
I love Sketch Toolbox. It makes finding and managing plugins so easy. I'm concerned that it hasn't seen an update in a long time. I hope it isn't abandoned.
This tool is actually rather essential for anyone using Sketch! Which is why it's extra sad it's not being updated at all anymore... ;( I havn't found any alternatives either..