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#1 Product of the DayMay 26, 2019
Sketch to Web is a free Sketch plugin that turns any design into a layout for the Sparkle visual webside builder. This is an immediately functional website, and with a few tweaks you can add interactivity.
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there is already a free open source project that does this extremely well (supports Angular, React...) called xlayers and it doesn't require any extension to be downloaded:
@hamedbaatour awesome! That's excellent if what you want is Angular or React. Sparkle is not about code, so if you are building a regular website instead of a webapp it's much quicker and simpler.
@duncanwilcox you can export also "a regular website" in xlayers using vanilla HTML, CSS & JS (native web components is supported too). nothing personal... but honestly, I don't see see the value or something new here.
@hamedbaatour no worries! I totally understand! The value is the website is not turned into code, which you need to know how to deal with, the website is turned into a Sparkle site, with high level tools. If that's not your cup of tea it's fully understandable. You have to realize there are probably 100x non-coders in the world.
@duncanwilcox You don't need to be an expert to deploy a website this days and you don't even have to look at the code generated by xlayers. Finding an easier and most importantly a flexible way that lets me be in control of the website creation process is the goal here. And just to correct some false claims here I wanna say "It is not my cup of tea" to see people being locked up in a single platform (a single point of failure) just because such a feature is already free, open source and much more developed by the community. I don't own the referenced open source project so I don't have any agenda here unlike your position to pitch & market a product here to the masses and I totally understand why this feature is your cup of tea. Good luck though :)
This looks great and really useful to all non-coder people out there Kudos!
Im more curious in exported source code from sparkle :)
@lukasjorissen Sparkle's home page, or are both built with Sparkle. That said, Sparkle does not focus on code, so for most users it's irrelevant.
Happy to answer any question!