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This looks really useful, well done guys
This looks great :)
@cmbeck_ why don't you offer multiple simple style guides in a theme marketplace like approach essentially style guide cards as described by @sdmattg here:
@andreasklinger Thanks for the feedback. It's ultimately what we'd like to head towards. When we re-focused from our original idea a few months ago, we made a concerted effort to simplify the offering. The main value is the way we are structuring the symbols and layer/text styles because it speeds up the design workflow considerably. So we tried to simplify this version to allow that to take stage over quantity and variations. We'll build out the marketplace with other components in the next couple months.
Did you just completely Pivot from this? -
@arunpattnaik Sort of. It more a re-focusing of the product itself and moving toward a different payment model. The best value out of what we started with was the framework and the semantic style/symbols. The payment change was due partly to the effort involved in continuing to add value on a monthly basis, while also finding a model that more people were accustomed to.
This is a concept that is needed. Well done!