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Quickly import Sketch files into Atomic's prototyping tool

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Owen WilliamsHunter@ow · Building re:Charged.
My friends at @we_are_atomic just launched their awesome Sketch plugin which makes it super-duper easy to import existing Sketch assets into their prototyping tool. Pretty dope way to create full fidelity prototypes without actually needing to know how to code. 👏
Ben Pujji@bpujji
Thanks for sharing @ow! It's super exciting to launch this and we're very keen to hear how people find it. We've also got lots of ideas for where to take it next but would love to hear any suggestions!
Daniel SchwarzPro@mrdanielschwarz · Design Editor @ UX Tricks and SitePoint
Love it! What new features do you see yourselves adding in the future? I myself would love Dropbox integration to keep Sketch/Atomic designs in-sync.
Ben Pujji@bpujji
@mrdanielschwarz thanks! Sync, or smart-updating is up there on our list of ideas too. Smart-updating might still require a manual push but be smart enough to map/update elements. Another idea we've discussed is mapping Sketch symbols to Atomic elements more tightly, so advanced motion transitions are quicker to build from imported elements. Making imported elements editable using Atomic's drawing tools is another idea, and syncing back to Sketch where changes are made.
Daniel SchwarzPro@mrdanielschwarz · Design Editor @ UX Tricks and SitePoint
@bpujji Sounds great. Another approach might be to bring Atomic functionality into Sketch itself, at least the animation controls anyway.
Matt Homer@mjhomer · App designer. Simple & Pretty. Morphine
Nice! Just the push I needed to give Atomic at try.
FemkeMaker@femkesvs · Designer at Uber
@mjhomer awesome! Feel free to leave us any feedback, always good to hear.
Reony Tonneyck@megaroeny · Designer & EV Advocate
Nice! Congrats folks! Look forward to trying it out. The export options are pretty bad-ass too 😮
FemkeMaker@femkesvs · Designer at Uber
@megaroeny Thanks Reony! Enjoy 😊