Sketch AR drawing 5.0

The first assistant for learning to draw using AR and AI

The first assistant for drawing using augmented reality and AI.
***Best Use Of Augmented Reality 2018 by Webby Awards***
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Thank you Robleh for hunting us! Hey Hunters! We are happy to say we have finally integrated the first version of our computer vision method which doesn’t use any pre-installed markers. Now you only need to show a piece of paper to your camera, and virtual sketch will appear on the surface. Moreover, it works well even if you bring a smartphone close to the surface. It’s the most powerful solution on the market for those who use AR in their products. Also, we’ve added a new bunch of step-by-step drawing lessons and separated them into specified courses. And much more. Available to try on iPhone, iPad and (ta-dam!) Android devices
@adno great product, great result!
@sharifulin Thank you, Anatoly!
looks very cool!
@iart Thanks! And it works cool!
Great way to start drawing
@nurlan_tlegenov and be a real artist:)
As an artist, I'm super impressed about new way to create art using augmented reality. Congrats with the product!
@sashakru SketchAR is a tool for professional artists too to scale sketches onto a big surface as a wall