A social drawing application by Sony

Sketch - Draw & Paint brings a fun drawing and photo editing experience to anyone who wants to be creative, regardless of skill level. If you need inspiration, the Sketch community is an endless source of digital art for you to explore and enjoy. You can then inspire others by sharing your own art and be a part of the community.


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Scott Bowler@scotty_bowler · Co-founder
Surprised they called it Sketch considering the popularity of the other Sketch
Markus SvenssonMaker@markussvensson · Software enthusiast and Sony employee.
@scotty_bowler Yeah, agree. The app has been around on Android for 4+ years - before the other Sketch was very well known. Anyway, a rebranding is probably not a bad idea.
Scott Bowler@scotty_bowler · Co-founder
@markussvensson Ah, interesting - didn't realise you guys came first!
Jon Moore@shoshinzen
@markussvensson @scotty_bowler that Sony Sketch icon gives me nightmares. I hated seeing it auto update itself even after being disabled repeatedly with an aggressive stabbing finger of aversion.
Markus SvenssonMaker@markussvensson · Software enthusiast and Sony employee.
@shoshinzen Sorry to hear about your experience. I guess you have/had an Xperia phone with the Sketch app preloaded. Glad that we finally made the app totally "uninstallable" on the latest Xperia phones.
Jon Moore@shoshinzen
@markussvensson I think Sketch was just one of the offenders, so nothing personal. On a 16GB tablet (Z3c 8") there was under something like 6GB available on top of the bloat. A shame, because the hardware is still unmatched. Not a lot of good Android tablets to begin with!
Cody@rdbrdd · Founder of Redbearded
This is actually really awesome looking. But due to the other Sketch App's success i think rebranding to something like Sony Sketch or another name all together would help a lot.
Josh Miller@jmilr · UX & brand consultant.
@rdbrdd They should change it to "Paper" 😏