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#2 Product of the DayOctober 29, 2019
Save up to 40% of your time building web and mobile applications.
💻Skaffolder is the best code generator! Generate a working custom prototype in many programming languages from API and database documentation.
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Hey PH, Luca from the Skaffolder team here, Skaffolder is the new way to create web and mobile applications. 👨‍💻 I worked for several years in the enterprise software development space. Based on my experiences, I figured out that at least 40% of a developer’s time is spent on recreating code that already exists. 🤯🤬 I knew that this time could be better used to focus on the business logic and creative engineering/coding of a given application. Skaffolder was born to automatically create fully customizable working code, automatically documented in multiple programming languages for web and mobile applications based upon certified code templates. The code generated owned and controlled by you, on your GIT repository. Skaffolder has been benchmarked to save up to 40% of development time and costs in personal and enterprises projects. This is our second launch on Product Hunt. We are rolling out a new user-friendly interface and some new features. With Skaffolder you can: 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️ - Define data models, APIs and pages of your project from the GUI or from the command-line. - Import existing databases and APIs. - Get the code locally or on your own repository. - Easily create working CRUD interface. - Customize and manage all the code generated. - Create your own template generator in any programming language that fits the best practices of your company/team. - Generates code incrementally without conflicting with your own business logic. Take advantage of the Skaffolder benefit! We all know companies like to save costs. 🔥🔥🔥 INSANE PRODUCT HUNT OFFER!!! We are giving a special 90% discount for a lifetime (5 year) developer account and/or 95% on business account if you register this week.
@blackshade91 How is a 5 years a lifetime account? Do you know something about my health that I should ;)
@rayliverified hahahaha is not about about your health Ray, we have just to set an end date in our database :-)
The best utility for developers was ever invented, it saves a lot of time and version 2 is ever better!
@ferdinando_traversa thank you Ferdinando. We are developers as well, so we really understand our needs :-)
The best tool for quick prototyping POCs and then transform them into the final product. The thing I love is that you still have 100% control of your app, but helps a lot with boilerplate stuff and docs.
@lgarulli We know that each developer wants to keep control of his code, that's why we allow to craft a custom template that fits at best you own best practices and guidelines
Honest feedback - this is really cool product for devs. I just created an account, noodled around. Probably the best part for me is seeing how to translate the underlying scaffolding (i see what you did there) into different languages to see the implementation with just one click. I definitely see how this would be helpful for devs who code many similar projects for clients that demand different technology stacks.
@s0l0ist Nick you got perfectly the benefits that Skaffolder provides, it is very useful to benchmark different programming languages with just one click and show to your customers different variations of a POC in a very short time!
So neat!
@sa_airlines Thank you, we appreciate your feedback
@sa_airlines Glad you like it! Please try the product out and let us know your feedback! I think SA Airlines might benefit from Skaffolder.