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Skaffolder allows developers to easily create a fully working prototype within minutes, trough a graphical interface without writing a line of code, in any programming languages, with an high quality source code completely customizable!


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    Arcangelo VicedominiChief Technical Officer @MyLab Nutrition

    You can use your own template


    Doesn't have a react template yet

    It's really easy to use, even for a non-tech expert like my brother. My personal suggestion is that they have to work on creating new templates for back& and front&, like a MySQL/Oracle + Node back&, a React template, a vue template and it would be awesome if they can get to create a pure vanilla js template with Web Components and Shadow Dom, which are becoming the new standard in the development of Web Apps.

    Arcangelo Vicedomini has used this product for one month.
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    From idea to working prototype in less than 10 minutes


    Waiting for python and django

    It's a great tool to create fully working prototypes that you can show to your customers. In just few minutes it allows you to create the API you need and a base UX you can easily modify. A powerful tool for freelance developers and IT teams.

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Daniela Quinto@daniela_quinto · graphic designer
top! :)
Francesco GizziMaker@francescogizzi_ · CMO and Co-founder of Skaffolder
@daniela_quinto Thanks! :)
Luca CarducciMaker@blackshade91 · CEO & Developer
Hi I'm Luca, CEO at Skaffolder. thanks to @williamchanner for hunting this project We are very excited about finally launching our platform on Product Hunt. The idea for it began when I was working in an IT company and I realized that in the beginning phase of the project we were waisting a lot of time and money doing something that could have been automatized. This thought stuck with and for the following few years, I worked on developing this tool that I can finally present to you. Skaffolder is the only tool that allows you to create a fully working prototype within minutes The provided code is high quality, maintainable and fully customizable, and because we know that every developer as his favorite programming language, we let you choose the language of your front-end and back-end code through a user-friendly interface that reflects the logic of a UML scheme, very familiar to all developers. If you are a developer, this is what you were looking for! Go check it out and let us know what you think and if you like it.
vicddor@vicddor · vicddor
Wonderful! This is very comfortable
Luca CarducciMaker@blackshade91 · CEO & Developer
@vicddor Thank you Vicddor!
Pengum Jin@pengum_jin
This templete has brilliant attributes. This will have eternal lifetime due to frontend and backend developer. I am proud of attending to this templete dev as backend developer. People who choose this will get good luck. We planted future fortune in this templete.
Luca CarducciMaker@blackshade91 · CEO & Developer
@pengum_jin Thanks Jin, we are proud to provide a useful tool
Very useful template, easy to use and well structured. Thanks for developers.
Francesco GizziMaker@francescogizzi_ · CMO and Co-founder of Skaffolder
@linhui718611 Thanks linhui! :)
Stefano CarducciMaker@stefanocarducci · COO, Skaffolder
@linhui718611 thank you :)