Create a working prototype within minutes! 💻

Skaffolder allows developers to easily create a fully working prototype within minutes, trough a graphical interface without writing a line of code, in any programming languages, with an high quality source code completely customizable!

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I really appreciate you interest, we are working on a React template, a lot of news in next days, stay tuned!!!
Thanks Arcangelo!

Wonderful template.

I love in it!

It is very easy to use and very useful for developers.

This helps us developing in variant frameworks.

Highly recommend this template to use for many purposes.

Thanks to the developers of this template.


Very Good


Wonderful & Perfect

Hi Xinyingfan, developers team thanks you!
Hi I'm Luca, CEO at Skaffolder. thanks to @williamchanner for hunting this project We are very excited about finally launching our platform on Product Hunt. The idea for it began when I was working in an IT company and I realized that in the beginning phase of the project we were waisting a lot of time and money doing something that could have been automatized. This thought stuck with and for the following few years, I worked on developing this tool that I can finally present to you. Skaffolder is the only tool that allows you to create a fully working prototype within minutes The provided code is high quality, maintainable and fully customizable, and because we know that every developer as his favorite programming language, we let you choose the language of your front-end and back-end code through a user-friendly interface that reflects the logic of a UML scheme, very familiar to all developers. If you are a developer, this is what you were looking for! Go check it out and let us know what you think and if you like it.
Wonderful! This is very comfortable
@vicddor Thank you Vicddor!