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#3 Product of the WeekJune 08, 2017

SiteStacks is a website that allows you to do an advanced tech lookup for any URL

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Ishan Gupta
Ishan GuptaMakerHiring@ishan_gupta
We built SiteStacks as a side project at Siftery to make it easy to look at the tech stack of any website, including hundreds of thousands of sites that aren’t listed on Siftery. If SiteStacks doesn’t have a url, you can submit it and we’ll do an immediate quick check and then a more extensive check within two weeks. There’s been a lot of work put into making this as accurate and exhaustive as possible. We’re tracking almost 20,000 software products in over 600 categories. Quick note: We’ve excluded data for URLs with user-generated data on Siftery to maintain user’s control over this privileged data. Hope you find it useful and interesting!
Kostya Rypta
Kostya Rypta@kostyarypta · Founder of
It doesn't work guys
Ishan Gupta
Ishan GuptaMakerHiring@ishan_gupta
Hey Kostya! Thanks for checking it out. What do you mean? We’re not seeing any errors in the logs. Here’s a sample URL:
@kostyarypta I just gave it a shot, and it worked for me. Might want to refresh.
Angus@angus_halen · Founder,
@kostyarypta I also can't get it to work. I'm typing in a valid domain for a site I wanted to check out and I got a page that says "we could not find the company you were looking for" with another search box.
John Schweikart
John Schweikart@john_schweikart
@ishan_gupta get a 502 Bad Gateway clicking on the link above
Ivan Wong
Ivan Wong@ivanwwh · QCG
@ishan_gupta @kostyarypta I'm currently getting "502 Bad Gateway"
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Not sure you should say: Discover the tech stack for any website if thats not true Looks like a nice little hustle to get picked up by Siftery though 😉
Gerry Giacoman Colyer
Gerry Giacoman ColyerMakerHiring@ggiaco · Siftery / Make the world a smaller place
@bentossell Although we have roughly 1M domains pre-crawled, we learned that our real-time mapper (which gets us to *any website*) needs some work. Knowing there's all this interest for it we'll definitely knock that out much sooner. I'll come back here and let you know when it's in :). But hey, "if you're not ashamed by what you're launching you took too long", right? The feedback from this community is fab, and it helps us prioritize how to make this better faster.
Gerry Giacoman Colyer
Gerry Giacoman ColyerMakerHiring@ggiaco · Siftery / Make the world a smaller place
@bentossell As promised, I'm back to report that the SiteStacks real-time mapper for any website is working now.
Lasha@lasha_kakhidze · Software Engineer
Can you explain to me how it differs from
Adam Moisa
Adam Moisa@adammoisa ·
Hi! How is this different than (aside from the better UI you guys have)
Ishan Gupta
Ishan GuptaMakerHiring@ishan_gupta
It comes down to data exhaustiveness (we’re tracking close to 20k products) and accuracy (we work tirelessly on this Comparing BuiltWith’s entry for ( Just for Marketing Automation they’re not picking up: Segment Salesforce Umbel SAS Customer Intelligence Rich Relevance There are dozens more products they’re not picking up.