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Audit your site for improved SEO and conversions!

cognitiveSEO's Site Audit tool analyses and detects the weak points of your website. It lets you know exactly what’s holding your website back from ranking higher in Google. It also helps you improve the user experience and conversion rates.

The Site Audit tool is part of a complete SEO Software that includes Backlinks, Ranks, Content & more.

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Hello Hunters! Founder of cognitiveSEO here. First of all, I would like to thank Kevin @kwdinc for Hunting us. Today we, at cognitiveSEO, launch the much-awaited Site Audit Tool. For the past one year and a half, we tried our best to create the most in-depth yet simple to use website audit & crawler. It's been quite a ride until now. The new all-inclusive Site Audit is part of a complete SEO Software suite that covers all the needs an SEO Pro, Webmaster or Digital marketer might have. Problem - SEO is getting more and more complex. Identifying a site's problems gets harder and harder. There are lots of SEO tools that try to fix them. The truth is that most tools are Basic and others too complicated. You may need lots of tools to check and fix the important things, just to move the needle a bit, in Google. This ends in lots of experiences, lots of software to use and a high cost. Solution - Today, we launch a complete and integrated SEO Tools suite. The Site Audit tool completes it. It provides very in-depth audits, yet it keeps them as simple as possible. All in one place, providing one experience at a fraction of the cost. The cognitiveSEO suite provides in-depth tools (not the basic ones that you may get elsewhere) as well as a specific process to help you improve your SEO and Conversions: ✅ SEO Site Audits (the new tool we launched today) ✅ Backlink Analysis ✅ Content Audits & Content Optimization ( ) ✅ Keywords Research & Rank Tracking ✅ Google Penalty Prevention and Recovery ✅ Social Visibility and more Behind the tool, there is a massive cloud infrastructure, as well as a lot of SEO know-how, research, and innovation. Last year alone, cognitiveSEO has helped over 11k people recover and improve the rankings of more than 36k sites. With the new addition, we aim to double on that. I invite you all to get your free 14 trial @ You'll get 1-on-1 onboarding and 24h online support Ping me your thoughts and questions!
@kwdinc @razvan_gavrilas your description looks really promising, but there are three things I immediately notice: 1. The site feels old and I see low quality images (no retina support); 2. To test the product I need to handover my payment details; 3. The 1-on-1 onboarding and the 24h online support gives me the feeling that I have to register when I have the time to be onboarded. All-in-all I did not register although I'm very curious what your products has to offer.
@kwdinc @evertsemeijn tks for the comment. the 1-on-1 support is here to help you if you need. the tool is designed to be as simple as possible, but taking in consideration the complexity of SEO nowadays some people may need help with that in order to get the best of the product. We ask for your credit card to allow your membership to continue after your free trial, should you choose not to cancel. This also allows us to reduce fraud and prevent multiple free trials for one person. This helps us deliver better service for all the honest customers. Remember that we won't bill you anything during your free trial and that you can cancel at any moment before your trial ends. Regarding the design. Will share that with our designer ;) Tks
@kwdinc @razvan_gavrilas I understand your rational behind the decisions. Frankly I shared them with you, because I can imaging that others might experience those emotions too. And I know that with small changes you can improve your product landingpage and increase conversion. Talking in psychological terms: I was driving in System 2 fairly quickly (rational, conscious), but you want to keep your prospects in System 1 as long as possible (emotional, nonconscious) to increase changes of conversion. About the CC detais: you can now only apply loss aversion to those that already have enough trust in you and your brand to hand over their details.
@kwdinc @evertsemeijn thank you for the feedback Evert. I really appreciate it.
@kwdinc @razvan_gavrilas cognitiveSEO has come a long way from when I first came across it many years ago. Definitely a top tier SEO tool now. Congrats on the launch of the Site Audit Tool!

This tool has concretely shown me that it can identify and report extremely important on-site details that normally take much more effort across multiple tools to find. I cant believe the value I've already reaped in just a short time using the tool. I was able to literally take a call from a technically savvy client asking for how she could get a list of orphan pages, and within a few clicks in the tool, i had a filtered list of orphan pages in her site. This tool is going to be a money maker for my agency because of both time saved as well as improving reputation with clients because I'm now able to efficiently catch more website deficits than most other SEO firms. I almost don't want other agencies to know about this tool. :)


Fantastic, fast analysis tool that has been more helpful than what I've ever seen before in site audit tools


none seen yet!

super happy to hear. agree that this is a money maker for all agency owners. 1000% ROI easily on it.

I have been using the site audit tool for a little while now and I have to say that it has some very nice features, including a very easy view of how your site architecture is being used (internal links).

It is still in beta, but I think a lot of people are going to like this. Easy to use, fast and without frill, that makes it easy to see what issues there are.

Definitely going to be another audit tool I add to my arsenal :)


Very clean and easy to use


None yet

thank you for the review. glad you found it clean and easy to use. we aimed for that.

I was also beta testing group so i had a peek-eye before launching. It had some minor usability problems but now they are resolved.

I think it's one of the best tools for this type of website analysis. It works great for crawling big websites, it has lots of SEO check-ups, you can find almost anything there.

It works pretty fast for crawling the websites and the price is unbeatable.

It's the only one I know that gives you the page speed score from Google.


Fast, Reliable, Comprehensive, Tons of Great Info for SEO professionals , Great Price


I'm not sure about cons

tks for the comment here. it was a pleasure to have you among our beta testers.

Their landing page through producthunt does not have a single word that mentions credit card is needed for trial. Very misleading tactic to gather emails.

On contacting support they say "We do say out clear on the page that the credit card is needed and we explain why." And when posting out there is not a single mention of credit card is needed they change their statement to "we haven't stated anywhere that no CC is needed." Further they say I should have read question/answers in product hunt to know that!

I'm staying away and recommend others to stay away for signing up.




Deceptive & not trust worthy