Site Audit by Ahrefs is a cloud-based crawler that will scan your entire website (no matter how large it is) and report everything that is wrong with it from an SEO perspective. User-friendly UI and a variety of visual reports will help you make sense of the data and present it to your clients.

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Hey, I'm Tim, CMO at Ahrefs. We tried our best to create a Site Audit tool, that would be very advanced and very user-friendly at the same time. For people, who are new to SEO we have over 100 pre-configured SEO issues that we report after we crawl your website. For advanced SEOs we have "Data Explorer" where they can slice and dice all crawled data by using 150+ metrics that we save for each URL. Please feel free to ask your questions. The entire team is now watching this thread and ready to jump in :)
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@timsoulo Awesome! This is the best feature I have could asked for. Earlier I used deepcrawl for this purpose but now AHREFS saves my money. Thank you Tim and AHREFS team for such an amazing work. I am a big fan of AHREFS besides being an avid user. Thanks for making it so easy for us. Your blogs have taught me so much. I am like really really thankful. Hurray to AHREFS!
Wow, this is great. I was looking at a similar service on app sumo the other day, but it's good to see it comes with my Ahrefs account now. And there's more features.
This is awesome. The team at AHREFs continues to deliver. Tim/Dmitry, is this embeddable as well? IE can I embed it on my site and use for lead gen?
@dohertyjf hey John! No, I'm afraid right now we don't have any widgets of that sort. We do plan to invest some time into "client reporting" features, so creating a lead gen form should not be a big problem in future.
@dohertyjf How is this better than other solutions on the market? I'm not really seeing the wow factor here.
@jhtscherck obviously it's not meant to replace a full site audit, but it does seem to go deeper with better link data than everything else on the market at this entry level. I think it's a smart play for AHREFs to introduce to have "table stakes" as you say below, and over time I am sure they will iterate and improve on it.
I like Ahrefs and have been a user for ~4 years. I consider them a cutting edge tool for link data. They are the only link data source I use. I respect them a lot and like the site explorer tool. They iterate quickly, so I expect this site audit tool to get better. I'm not sure what i was expecting, but I was expecting more. There are a dozen or so analogous solutions in the market. The only real problem this solves is consolidating your tool provider count, I'm not seeing unique insights or things that will save me more time - which is really what i want. Here's the type of site audit I would like: use NLP tech like Narrative Science to turn their data into insights that humans can read and understand. An audit with automatically generated human-readable insights that would be something to really clap about - that would be useful and new for SEO (and that I would fork over money for). I don't mean to be negative, but this feels like table stakes for the SEO industry and it doesn't appear to be as powerful as a tool like URL Profiler or Deep Crawl (unless I am missing something). Perhaps this feature was something that was requested by their users and will be well liked. When I think of Ahrefs, I think of the link data platform, it's in their name. Ahrefs is moving upmarket and the solution is getting more expensive. As a user, I want to buy best in class software for my work. This audit solution does not feel best in class right now. I get the sense this (along with other recently released features) will be used to justify a price increase for the platform soon. Part of me fears Ahrefs is going to go down the path that Moz did where they start trying to do everything and release a bunch of "kind of okay" tools and ignore the core product. Love the site and content explorer tools, the keyword data is useful, but this feature/tool doesn't seem to be there yet compared with other parts of the platform.
@jhtscherck Hey John, thanks a lot for expecting more from Ahrefs! I'm really glad that our brand has this kind of perception in the industry :) I absolutely agree that the current release is more or less on par with the other available solutions and doesn't offer much on top of them. We were working on this tool for about a year, and we felt that it's good enough to be released and start bringing value to our customers. At the same time, we don't plan to stop working on it. And I'm sure many of the things that we have on our roadmap for Site Audit will impress you. If you have any specific feature requests or suggestions on how we could improve Site Audit, feel free to send them to me directly at - I'll make sure to discuss them with our team.
@jhtscherck @timsoulo Love the idea of an NLP feature - I've been slowly building something similar in a spreadsheet and it's super cool but also takes forever. That's definitely a huge opp for a site audit tool. I use Screaming Frog and URL Profiler, and those are great and I think this Ahrefs tool is complementary to them and adds some features those don't have, primarily: - Love that it's a cloud crawler, I can start the run and don't have to worry about my machine crapping out (upgraded to the newest MacBook partly for that reason!) - Scheduling - and daily - super cool. I wasn't subscribed to any really good cloud site crawlers with scheduling so this is super cool - Adjusting the crawling factors and issues - this is huge, and the fact that you can add your own and change priority. I want a crawler to be both opinionated on its own, but allow for flexibility Would love to see: - A 360 degree view of a site using all of Ahrefs data. Imagine if the site audit also included all keyword data, all link data, and all competitor data that Ahrefs already has! That would be truly the killer site audit. I think site audit tools need to give us more than data and charts: they need to give us Insights and Assisted Decisions. As in, they need to tell us exactly what to do, and then the human can approve or decline each recommended decision. That would be the killer app. Definitely think there's room for improvements, but glad it was released now, rather than waiting another year for 5 more features to make it "perfect".

please add a download feature to download the reports in well format (PDF) so, that we can share that report with our clients i will still use woorank for the same.


Nice feature


Can't download the site audit reports in PDF like woorank to share it with our clients

Hi Ritu, Might not be the right platform to answer but couldn't resist myself. Why don't you try RoboAuditor from Growth Robotics ( It provides the white label pdf downloads as well as let you publish the tool on your website. It's in BETA currently and its FREE :)
Downloadable PDF version of similar style of site audit is available for Free at