Reduce e-waste with World's first Cut-N-Renew USB cable ✂️♻️

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 01, 2018

with SirTeen You can always cut the frayed end and reuse your USB cable.

Let's reduce e-waste together!

I'd honestly prefer just to have a cable that was built better
Very well thought of idea 🙌 Wish that this was a standard from the very first USB cable! I hope to see this idea implemented everywhere
Cool but is this not a rare issue? It's only happened to me once many years ago. I just take care of my cables.
@anna_0x rare issue, it only happens every month... apple makes shitty cables :/
@anna_0x @freeubi I've been using Apple products since the Mac Plus. Not a single damaged cable. If you have this happen once a month, check your usage.
@anna_0x @freeubi @andreasduess Yeah, I'm confused by this product because I've literally never had this problem.
@freeubi @andreasduess @rossdcurrie Hahah I know, right? 😆 If your cables break often you're either very unlucky and keep buying defective ones, OR you probably don't realize it but you are not storing them right or maybe you're constantly yanking them forcefully or something like that. I haven't had that many Apple products (2x iPod Touch + 2x MacBook) but I've used the cables that came with the products for years with no issues.
This is super cool ♻️
Great idea, do you guys have a patent for this yet? Feel free to HMU if you need help with IP