Sip 2.0

A better way to collect, organize & share your colors.


A modern color picker built for designers and developers that allows you to collect, organize and edit colors. Use Sip to share colors with everyone and link them between your other tools.

Sip 2.0 brings a newly redesigned interface, new main features such as Smart Formats, Contrast Checker, and functionality improvements. We hope you enjoy!

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5 Reviews5.0/5

The scroll in previous picks list lags a lot


It works fast, not like the competitors. The picker itself is very convenient and handy.


It's impossible to get the color of a button on a web page, because you will only be able to copy its Hover color, not the main one.

I've been using Sip for almost a year, and it has become a must have tool for my design workflow. It is simple and effective. That's everything a great tool should be. Congratulations on your 2.0! I have already upgraded and can't wait to start using it.


- How well it integrates into the design workflow - Easy to use


- No way to organize palettes in folders. - When there are a lot of palettes it is difficult to edit them from the pop up window.