Watch torrent streams on your Apple TV

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SiongMakerHiring@siong1987 · Engineer, Expa
I hacked on this over the weekend to see how feasible it is to create a torrent streaming app on tvOS. I ended up using a server backend to support the streaming for the tvOS app. p/s: My roommates insist that I need to use the name "siongTime".
Jonathan HowardHiring@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
@siong1987 Congrats on launching this experiment Siong! As the name implies, is this Popcorn Time under the hood? How does that work?
SiongMakerHiring@siong1987 · Engineer, Expa
@staringispolite it is inspired by Popcorn Time but tvOS doesn't support web view :( for now, siongTime(i love the name :) requires a server backend to process the torrents for it to work on the Apple TV. btw, are you changing your username to @heartingispolite?
Jonathan HowardHiring@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
@siong1987 Could you talk a bit about the server tech involved? And are you taking bets as to how long before The Man shuts it down? :) I'll wait and see how this hearts thing goes h/t @SWatercolour
SiongMakerHiring@siong1987 · Engineer, Expa
@staringispolite on the Apple TV app, when you click on the movie, it will initialize a download of the torrent on the server. once the download is initialized and enough buffer is created, the server will start streaming the movie down to the TV app. i don't provide specific details on how/where to get the torrents metadata in order for this app to work :)
Christopher Leach@leachy114 · Programmer and Student
Looks awesome, I assume you need to sideload it onto tvOS?