Connect with singles in the room with you.

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Like with all other dating apps I guess this relies on the fact that the other single people have this app downloaded too? How do you plan to tackle that problem?
@bentossell Yes, you have to have the app installed in order to see other users. So we have the problem of getting it installed on people's devices. Unfortunately festival season is over. Our plan is that we will organize and promote it at parties. So our next big task is to persuade VCs to give us money to 🎉 😊. On a serious note: we will start by promoting it at local events. Partnering with party organizers.
@zssz Yeah so chicken/egg problem - I'm sure to get VCs to give you money, you'll need to prove you can get people downloading it in its masses. Also you may or may not need to prove how you can get people using this vs the current solutions... for example. Happn shows you people you've crossed paths with, so if you are in the same bar then you will see them on the app (providing they have it too) - So how will you persuade someone like me to not use that vs using this?
@bentossell The main difference between Singlle and other dating apps is that Singlle is proximity based by using Bluetooth and it works in the moment. If you see some profile in the app then he/she is literally a few steps away. If you two like each other then you could chat in Singlle, but our mission is to make users walk over to each other with confidence and do that in person. This is why our main target is bars, parties, festivals where you are in a mood to connect with people there. Singlle doesn't need a global install base to be successful. I believe if we have some local success stories at some parties where people see the value of it then we will succeed.
@zssz but again, I'd reference Happn - you have to walk past each other, in quite close proximity... I just think its going to be hard without being that different to something out there already. Launching something that requires both sides to actively download the app is difficult at the best of times
@bentossell To clarify, Singlle is more in the moment than Happn. One could say it is the real-time version of Happn. You only see profiles that are in Bluetooth range of your device right now. Assuming they have the app installed and Bluetooth turned on. Yes, it's difficult. But I believe by starting local and promoting it at single parties we will succeed in making connections between people.
Please have it say: "Sexy singles near you"
Hi Everyone! If you ever wanted an app that shows you the singles at the bar where you are then we have something for you. We just released Singlle, a simple iOS app that enables you to connect with users in the room with you. Bluetooth: Singlle works with Bluetooth. No Internet connection required after setting up your profile with Facebook. This means that if users get out of range then you will not see them. Connecting is similar to Tinder: If you're interested in connecting with someone then you can let them know (not anonymously) by sending them a Like. If someone likes you back then you can chat. Our mission with Singlle is to make connections outside of it. Users are literally a few steps away. And knowing that someone likes you back gives you confidence to approach him/her in real life. Got feedback? Welcome! Thanks, Zsombor (Founder)
@zssz is there a "trending near you" feature? To Ben's point, it's hard to know where to go to expect to find others using the app...
@chrismessina Currently there isn't a trending feature. Discovering users works in the background too. So, once you set Singlle up you could expect to get a notification of a nearby user even on the train while Singlle not running in the foreground. Assuming that someone is in Bluetooth range, has the app installed and Bluetooth turned on. But, I believe Singlle is most useful when you go to a place where people might want to meet strangers, like at a bar, party of festival. This is why we'll start by promoting it at parties.
So, Grindr for straight people.
@jacksonisaacson You could use Singlle to find same gender connections at your favorite bar/party. There are filters for that.