Single Edge 2.0

The closest, most comfortable shave - ever.

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Thanks, @Kristofer for the hunt! We've taken an already popular design and cranked it up a notch with a smoother, closer shave and new military grade finishes. We're calling the Single Edge 2.0 the closest, most comfortable shave ever. Don't believe us? Check out the campaign for more info. This is our second Kickstarter, and we've ironed out all the kinks and bugs in our supply chain. We're confident in our delivery timeline, and excited to be sharing the new version with our backers.
Love Supply. Looks like they buffed out some kinks, added some new design features to launch an improved 2.0 version of their 1st razor
As a regular shaver myself I find this product more than interesting. Love the actual design and looks like it does provide a smooth experience. Going to give the Kickstarter a look :)
Nice job. So what specifically is new with this model that warrants a version 2.0?