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Sinch launched just yesterday in Stockholm and although very similar to Twilio/Layer have an impressive team and offer some differences on their pricing model too (being able to offer cheaper call termination for example).
Hi! I'm Jordan, a dev evangelist from Sinch. We're really excited to offer developers an easy way to add calling & messaging into their apps. (It seriously only takes a few lines of code) I'll be here all day to answer questions, and I'm always on twitter at @JordanHamel :)
Hey @JordanHamel! Forgive me for my naiveté but how does this compare to Layer?
Also interested in @rrhoover's question!
@rrhoover and @ffumarola - Sinch has some different features from Layer. We currently offer app to phone calling, app to app calling, and instant messaging, and sms coming very soon. Layer focuses on messaging (text, photo, location sharing). Let me know if that answers your question!