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Julian Ing
Julian IngMaker@blackavant2 · Founder/CEO
Man, taglines are hard right?! SIMPLY was designed to cut down on the time people spend searching for what to do next or even for the right content. Our goal is to learn about each and every user so that we can reduce decision fatigue. You know, the whole paradox of choice. SIMPLY is a new direction in decision making. We have to relearn that managing all of this noise is killing a lot of valuable time. I want SIMPLY to help with the heavy lifting. I like where you're going with "Focus on the things that matter most".
Julian Ing
Julian IngMaker@blackavant2 · Founder/CEO
We’re excited about launching SIMPLY on Product Hunt today! SIMPLY is more than just a mobile application. We’ve built crazy technology behind it. We started off redesigning a recommendation engine and that’s no easy feat. And then we rolled in an advance qualitative research system. We named our engine Sibyl, Greek mythology for a fortuneteller. With Sibyl in place, we designed SIMPLY’s mobile application. We’ve designed SIMPLY to be easy and very clean – streamlined to focus on the things that matter most: content. Very shortly, we’re releasing “transparent data” collection where users can see and manage their data and even see analytics on what you love. A feedback system and social components are also going in. SIMPLY uses cultural and lifestyle user data as well as geo-location, weather, time and season, and very shortly biometrics from Wearables to recommend lifestyle actions and activities. Really looking forward to your feedback and helping us improve. Thank you for the support and keep the feedback coming! We’ve only just started and can’t wait to make this product something very special.
Steven Ritchie
Steven Ritchie@staticsteven · Product Strategy @ Versett
@blackavant2 Do you have a video or anything? There really isn't much information on your site
Julian Ing
Julian IngMaker@blackavant2 · Founder/CEO
@staticsteven @blackavant2 We're actually putting one together. The website is going to be updated shortly.
Richardson Dackam
Richardson Dackam@richardsondx · Founder/Partner at Rich DX Studio
Congratulation on the launch of the project! At first I wasn't quite sure what "Enjoy what you love" meant or what was the purpose of the app based on that. If you love it you're already enjoying it. As you mentioned in your comment bellow ;"Focus on the things that matter most" is probably a better tagline.