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Chrome extension that simplifies Gmail to the bare minimum

#5 Product of the DayApril 26, 2019
Simplify was made by Michael Leggett who was Gmail's lead designer from 2008 to 2012 & co-founded Google Inbox. This extension brings the simplified email experience to Gmail. There are no trackers. No data is sent or shared. No ads ever. Promise. Github Code
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Nice! I'm a Gmail extension developer myself. In fact, one of our mutual users who installed your extension this morning reported to me a conflict between our extensions -- and it's my fault actually, so I have a CSS fix I need to go make.
Love this. Nice work, @leggett! It just barely clashes with the Copper CRM extension (and I imagine same will happen with things like Streak) where the activate button appears next to the Settings/Search icons and has some placement weirdness with the extension activated. That said, it's definitely worth still using it. Just thought I'd call it out in case it's an easy fix.
@parterburn Sadly it isn't. Copper injects it's html in a different way than standard add-ons so I'd have to do something to support it. Supporting other 3rd party extensions is on my list but not high on my list. Tracking here:
Nice work @leggett I was a huge Inbox fan -- props to you and the team for making a sweet product As far as this extension goes, it definitely cleans up the UI - my only issue is with the add-ons toolbar... it only seems to support keep, tasks, and calendar. I use the Slack/Gmail add-on to push emails to slack but it goes away if I install this. I am probably going to use the Reflektive add-on soon as well and that might introduce more issues. Overall, great job and extra kudos for publishing the source code on github!
@mike_solomon It shouldn't go away! I support the official add-ons (like Slack). Refresh Gmail and let me know if it is still happening. Please email me at if it isn't working still.