#3 Product of the DayJuly 26, 2019
Browser extension to improve the experience on the new Twitter by giving more focus to what matters: the tweets. Not the right sidebar or the gigantic menu labels.
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10 Reviews4.5/5
There are similar extensions out there, but this one uses a different strategy. Instead of messing with CSS, it tricks Twitter to activate *its own* responsive design. The result feels pretty natural and great to use. The alternatives put the buttons at the edge of the screen, which is annoying to move the mouse cursor. This one keeps everything at the center, close to each other. The new Twitter uses dynamics class names (e.g.: `.css-1dbjc4n` instead of `.my-class-name`). The other extensions that depend on class names or on "div > div > div" will break at any time. This one won’t. It’s available for Chrome and Firefox (EDIT: And now Safari as well). Hope you like it! Thanks.
Thank you so much for this! (And you didn't ignored Firefox ♥)
This is awesome. Will you firefox it?
@ricardogouveia3 Yes, it’s available for Firefox as well!
Just installed for Firefox, thank you!
using this on firefox, work like a charm !