Send emails without the distraction of seeing your inbox

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I often want to send out an email, without getting distracted by seeing all the other emails in my inbox. I use a bookmark that shows this full-page compose window in Gmail. After a conversation with @jansn on Twitter I figured I'd create an easier to remember URL since the default is quite complicated. This must have been the simplest app I've ever built, but I still think it might be useful to some. Let me know what you think!
What's the URL?
@nikitakorotaev – Keep in mind it's (currently) just a simple redirect to a hidden feature in Gmail that lets you compose an email without having to see your inbox.
Love little hacks like these. For people looking for a slightly more robust solution, check out the Chrome Extension Checker Plus.
Added another quick little hack. Easily introduce people using /intro. Example: Edit: The ProductHunt editor breaks the link. Copy/paste the URL in your address bar to see what it does :)