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Say hello to the modern independent podcast management platform. For 6 years, Simplecast has remained the easiest way for podcasters to publish audio to the world; with one-click publishing to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever your audience listens.
  • James McKinven
    James McKinvenVideo Content Creator & Podcaster

    Lovely interface, really good site builder and feature set


    Could do with upload presets

    I've been using Transistor for the past year and I like it, no real problems, but I'd just like my website to look nicer. With this update, Simplecast seem to be offering a lot more features, for less money. I love Transistor & I'll probably still host one of my podcasts there. However, I think I am going to switch my main pod over to Simplecast.

    James McKinven has used this product for one day.
  • Dr E 'The Stem Cell Guy'
    Dr E 'The Stem Cell Guy'Founder of Agedoctor, LLC

    The analytics provided for each show/episode are precise, and easy to analyze with their graphical interface.


    I would like to be able to save certain presets that repeat on every episode.

    I had just signed up when they started rolling out their current V2 and the evolution of one to the next was impressive. I can see that they still have tons of things on their roadmap so I'm excited to find out what's coming in the next few months.

    Dr E 'The Stem Cell Guy' has used this product for one month.
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Brad ✨
Brad ✨Maker@brad · Founder of Audios Inc (@Simplecast)
Our little podcast industry is exploding by leaps and bounds, and it's time a hosting, distribution and analytics platform rises to meet it. So say hello to the all-new Simplecast! New publishing tools, workflows, Recast, Sites, the industry's most granular IAB compliant listener analytics, and a robust developer API. Simplecast has drawn a line in the sand as the modern podcast technologies company, and we're only getting started. Truly proud of what my team has built. Go see for yourself and tell us what you think! ❤️🎙
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love Simplecast. We use it for Product Hunt Radio.
Rob Hope
Rob Hope@robhope · Maker. Surfer. Optimist.
Congrats on the launch! Used the old and new - incredible to see (and be a part of) such a quality upgrade. The analytics is gorgeous and overall UX well thought out. Support times also ridiculous... maybe 8 threads started, all answered within the hour at all times of the day. Massive fan.
Josh Pigford
Josh PigfordPro@shpigford · Founder of Baremetrics, maker of beards.
Congrats on getting this launched! Massive improvement to an already great platform. 🎉
Johnny DeLillo
Johnny DeLillo@johnny_delillo · P6 AVIATION-Training in Cirrus Aircraft
Congratulations to all those who have worked so had to make a wonderful product!